(Video) Samoa Women in Business have become leaders in organic systems

Sustainable, long-term business relationships in Pacific Islands

Women in Samoa built an important profitable sustainable export business and give a great example of what we can achieve with organic food.

This is an healthy adventure joining ethic and business.

Discover their story

Samoa is an island nation blessed with rich volcanic soil, abundant sunshine, tropical climate and generous rainfall. The verdant year-round growth is far from the pollution, pesticides, and contaminants of other nations. It is an ideal organic safe haven.

Through time, commitment and skills learned along the way, Women in Business have become leaders in organic systems in the Pacific Islands. Currently more than 700  Samoan families, working on 33,000 hectares of land, are fully organically certified to international standards (NASAA, the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia).  Additionally, five processing companies and four entire villages have been organically certified.

It is one thing to grow organic food, but another to create sustainable, long-term business relationships, which is what Women in Business has done. Samoa’s organic virgin coconut oil is now exported to The Body Shop as part of their fair trade enterprise. Kofe (coffee Samoa) is exported to a high-end roastery in New Zealand, and more than 15 tons of misiluki bananas are annually exported to New Zealand.

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